Because I'm a big fan of the web aesthetic that reigned from 2000-2005, and this is a fan's site, I thought I'd hit the whole fanlisting thing here.

To be honest I was amazed that fanlistings were not only still going, but largely still conform to that old fanlisting look.

angel.png angel-char.png angel-spike.gif buffythevampireslayer.png jack.png charlie.png crowley.gif dean.png dean-sam.png drwho.gif draco.png firefly.gif fromhell.png harrypotter.gif louis.png poldark.png qaf.gif riverdale.jpg shadowhunters.png sherlock.gif spike.png stargate.jpg startrektng.png stiles.png supernatural.png teenwolf.png torchwood.gif trip-tpol.jpg vampirechronicles.gif xfiles.png

I'll be completely honest and admit that I'm not officially a member of most of the sites linked above, because my efforts to join listings were met with about a 70% no-response response. Whether they're abandoned, or the software is broken, I don't know. However, I think they're adorable, so I'm linking, but I've given up on joining. If you're the owner of any of the above listings and can confirm joining works, let me know and I'll totally join!