Oh, hey, you found my hubzilla webpage thingy, hello! I don't actually know what to put here so I'm just going to describe my links.

Is this a sitemap?

  • Home - this page
  • Channel - in laymans terms, my blog, my feed, my wall kinda thing
  • About - my hubzilla profile, you can see who I follow, and also, you'll be shown different profile info depending on who you are*
  • Now - a 'what I'm up to now' page
  • CSS - where I'll dump links to the scheme repo and wherever I choose to dump my want-take-have web templates
  • Links - because every website needs a links page (IMO)
  • Wishlist - my fic wishlist in wiki format, for recs, gifts, Dear Author etc. Only viewable if you have the permissions*
  • Fanlistings - remember these? Should only be viewable if you have the permissions*
  • How To Do The Thing - my personal Hubzilla How-to-Do-The-Thing observations in wiki format.
  • Gifs ↗ - posted to tumblr before the 'pocalypse, now archived in a forever home. The arrow means it's an offsite link.
  • AO3 - yeah, I don't link to it publically.You can find the link on my profile if you have the permissions*.

* Hubzilla has the ability to show a different profile to different users. I only have two, 'fandom', and 'non-fandom'. If you're part of the Hubzilla network, and we're connected, and you're part of fandom, and you're logged in, you'll see a bit more info than you would otherwise. This also applies to links, pages, posts etc. If I haven't given you the permissions, there is stuff you'll never see. Hubzilla is cool like that.