This is my Now page. As of January 2020...


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I've got two on the go right now. Something I'm planning to write and post in Term 1 (NZ School Terms, it's a lot easier to write when the kids are out of the way), and a short thing that popped into my head and begged to be written. There's time travel involved.


There's this new thing called Fanexus that is due to go into beta in April. It's to be a fandom-focused social network, and seems to be geared specifically toward getting away from the toxic anti culture that has all but ruined fandom for a lot of people.

It's piqued my interest in a few ways. One, toxic anti's are toxic. Two, I love pressing buttons to see what they do.

Also, a little sceptical, because it looks very much like it's going to be a centralised service, which means beholden to whichever host they choose, questions about funding, potential advertising, and what happens to our shit if/when it all goes belly up?

But it's something I'm watching closely, and will be there to press those buttons when the beta opens.


I added a couple of new schemes to the Redbasic Schemes repo over the last month.

Currently working on something pretty for


I sort of decided to do #MakeNine this year, but so far I've only got one project planned out, and I'm dragging my feet on that one. More urgent is mending Biscuit's old baby quilt to hand down to his 1yo cousin.


The chooks have a brand new run, and we're slowly getting on top of the overgrown mess. That's all I can really say about that right now.