HowToDoTheThing: Edit Layout

Edit Hubzilla Layout

  • install PDL Editor app

Basically, with the PDL Editor, you can move stuff around in the sidebars, remove things, add things. The only pages this affects for anyone but yourself (as far as I know!), is your channel page, and your profile.

A lot of widgets can actually be turned on and off in the settings (like the new member links) so before you start poking around in the layouts (unless you want to, of course), check the settings.

Once you do decide to start poking around in the layouts, I suggest you look at a few and see how they're put together. Also, check this out. It's mostly beyond the purview of editing your layout, but it'll give you some idea of how hubzilla pages are put together.


Each layout you open will have two fields. One is the handy dandy uneditable defaults for that page. The second, is an editable field, with, at first, the exact same text in it. It'll look something like this:

[region=aside] [widget=fullprofile][/widget] [/region] [region=right_aside] [widget=notifications][/widget] [widget=newmember][/widget] [/region

I'm thinking you probably don't want to mess with the [region=aside][/region] and [region=right_aside][/region] tags, because those are your sidebars, left and right. Widgets (as you can see) go between those tags. You can delete widgets that annoy you, and add widgets that you find useful.

You can even put custom menus and custom text blocks into your layouts.

Available Widgets

Finding out what widgets are called and what is available is a mission and a half. There doesn't seem to be any complete list out there, but I wanted one, dammit.

It required poking through all the layouts in the PDL Editor, and it's entirely likely I've missed some out. I don't actually know what all of these do, but in the PDL Editor, you can easily reset with the handy dandy link beside the page link if you completely screw something up.

Still, use at your own risk.

[widget=appcategories][/widget] [widget=appstore][/widget] [widget=activity_filter][/widget] [widget=activity_order][/widget] [widget=archive][var=articles]1[/var][/widget] [widget=archive][var=wall]1[/var][/widget]


[widget=categories][/widget] [widget=categories][var=articles]1[/var][/widget] [widget=categories][var=cards]1[/var][/widget] [widget=cdav][/widget] [widget=chatroom_list][/widget] [widget=chatroom_members][/widget] [widget=collections][var=mode][connections[/arg][/widget] [widget=collections][var=mode]abook[/var][/widget] [widget=collections][var=mode]groups[/var][/widget] [widget=conversations][/widget] [widget=common_friends][/widget] [widget=cover_photo][/widget]

[widget=design_tools][/widget] [widget=dirsort][/widget] [widget=dirtags][/widget]


[widget=findpeople][/widget] [widget=follow][/widget] [widget=fullprofile][/widget]

[widget=helpindex][/widget] [widget=hq_controls][/widget]

[widget=mailmenu][/widget] [widget=menu_preview][/widget]

[widget=newmember][/widget] [widget=notes][/widget] [widget=notifications][/widget]

[widget=photo_albums][/widget] [widget=profile][/widget] [widget=pubsites][/widget] [widget=pubtagcloud][var=trending]8[/var][var=limit]20[/var][/widget]

[widget=rating][/widget] [widget=recent_visitors][var=count]24[/var][/widget]

[widget=savedsearch][/widget] [widget=settings_menu][/widget] [widget=suggestedchats][/widget] [widget=suggestions][/widget]

[widget=tagcloud][/widget] [widget=tagcloud_wall][var=limit]24[/var][/widget] [widget=tasklist][/widget]


[widget=website_portation_tools][/widget] [widget=wiki_pages][/widget]