HowToDoTheThing: Calendar & Events

So there's like, two calendars, why?

There are two different calendar apps in the 'appstore':

  • CalDAV - essentially private, can be synced between devices
  • Events - essentially public, easy to add community events, events post to timeline


Only you can see this calendar unless shared. Able to be synced, using DAV. You can have multiple CalDAV calendars. Read or read/write access can be given to other channels.


Public by default. Events are subject to privacy settings (in the same way posts can have privacy settings - and like posts, event privacy settings are not editable). Events post to the timeline, when created, and when due? From the timeline, viewers can RSVP, and/or add the event to their own calendar.

Public-facing Calendar View

Located at the URL /cal/username - i.e. hub.vamp.ink/cal/admin, this is the Events calendar, as viewed by anyone other than the owner.